Why I GO
"I firmly believe that change is possible and we must start by educating ourselves so that we can take our knowledge to our communities. GO Fresno is a great place to start with this journey."
Lorena Moreno

Lorena Moreno

Community Leadership Coordinator

Lorena Moreno is a LatinX mother who was born in Mexico. She has 3 children, Romeo who is 8 years old, Fabricio who is 6 years old and Yamila who is 3 years old. All her children are currently attending schools in the Fresno Unified School District.  

Her passion is to learn new things every day so that she can take all her knowledge and experiences in her community. Lorena knows that it is very important to help other marginalized communities. She has been actively involved as a volunteer with GO Fresno over the past year and a half. Lorena was a graduate of GO Fresno’s 2nd Family Leadership Program on May 2018. During her time with GO, she has also advocated at the State Level in Sacramento on issues of financial aid, spoken at board meetings, has engaged and led conversations with board members,  and supported the 4th cohort of Family Leaders. Lorena is also involved in different programs such as ELAC, attending PTA meetings at her children’s schools, and advocacy and volunteer time in Head-Start. 

Lorena’s hopes and dreams are that one day all schools are given high-quality opportunities and especially low-income neighborhoods like hers.

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