Why I GO
"My hope is that other parents like myself raise their voices and concerns and receive the tools they need to unite together for quality schools and equity for all our children."
Juana Iris Meza

Juana Iris Meza

Family Leadership Coordinator

Juana Iris Mesa is a mother of 4 children, Leonardo who is 13 years old, Jayla who is 8 years old, Ryan who is 3 years old and Josselyne who is 1 year old. Her two oldest children are currently enrolled in Fresno Unified Schools. 

She is someone who is active in her own community and her passion is to help others around her and she also enjoys learning new knowledge so that she can share this back to her community. 

Juana graduated from GO Fresno’s 2nd Family Leadership Program on May 2018 so that she could gain the tools she needed to advocate for quality education. Since then, she has joined the Family Leadership Action Group (FLAG), participated in one on one meetings with board members, has taken her advocacy at a State Level in Sacramento about issues of financial aid and has actively spoken at board meetings on issues that matter to her. 

During her free time, she enjoyed spending quality time around her family. One of her most favorite things to do together as a family is camping. Juana also enjoys learning and participating at events that her community provides.

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