Are the Kids Alright?

GO Fresno's Newest Report


Pandemic.  Quarantine. Virtual School. The last couple of years have taken their toll on education. So, with our first report of 2022 we are asking: Are the Kids Alright?

Are the Kids Alright?,  includes our assessment of the current education situation (based on FUSD’s Fall 2021 i-Ready data) as well as recommendations for policymakers and parents that can help get our kids on track.

We recognize that these conversations are difficult and nuanced. We commit to engaging with all education stakeholders in pursuit of the best steps forward to recover learning loss.

If you are a parent, school leader, teacher, or community member that is interested in the well being of Fresno students we encourage you to check out the report here, get informed, and join us in advocating for policies that are proven to improve education for all students.

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