Choosing Our Future 2.0 Community Survey

Seeking Community Input on Vision for Fresno’s Schools

GO Public Schools Fresno is looking to partner with families, students, educators, and other community allies to inform a vision for our schools in Fresno Unified.

We are leading a process to facilitate the development of Choosing Our Future 2.0, a report modeled after the 2005 report “Choosing Our Future.” This process will carefully examine where we are as a district, engage our community in a discussion of our vision and goals for high quality schools, and present transformative recommendations that demonstrate our renewed commitment to achieving dramatically accelerated progress for every student in Fresno Unified.

We have a deep commitment to the simple idea that every kid deserves a good chance, in school and in life and we are building a network of families, educators and community members in Fresno who share that commitment.  We are starting our work by developing a community vision for Fresno Unified schools and would love your input! Please take the survey below to tell us your hopes and dreams for our schools and student outcomes.

Community Vision Survey

Please take this quick survey to tell us about yourself, describe your hopes and dreams for our schools, and let us know how you want to stay involved.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!

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