New GO Data Report: CA School Dashboard Guide and Virtual Event

I’m thrilled to share some fantastic news with you today – our California School Dashboard Guide has just been released! 

The California School Dashboard Guide offers a comprehensive overview of the progress, challenges, and exciting takeaways from our schools and the district as a whole.

Key Highlights from the Guide:

  • Rich insights into academic engagement, conditions and climate, and academic performance.
  • Exploration of multiple assessment measures beyond standardized test scores.
  • Stories behind the data – highlights and challenges across our local education landscape.

Read GO’s California Dashboard Guide

To celebrate this moment and dive deeper into the report’s findings, we invite you to join our special virtual event on February 22 at 5PM. During this event, we’ll explore the data, discuss key takeaways, and engage in an interactive dialogue about the implications for our state, districts and communities. 

The event will have two parts. In the first hour, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of the CA School Dashboard, guiding you on how to interpret the data, outlining the tool’s purpose, and helping you make sense of the various data points. Additionally, we’ll examine statewide trends across California’s educational landscape. The second part of the event will feature deep-dive breakout sessions, with interactive conversations focused on local data in Fresno, Oakland, West Contra Costa, and the state as a whole. These breakout sessions will look at specific data highlights and we hope to put our minds together to think through practices and programs that could be expanded to support more California students to reach proficiency and beyond.

Virtual event Details:

  • Date and Time: February 22 at 5:00PM, Breakout sessions at 6:00PM
  • Webinar:
  • RSVP Here 

How to Attend:

Mark your calendar for February 22 and join the conversation! Click on at 5PM to be part of this engaging and informative event.

We believe that the more informed our community is, the stronger our collective impact can be. Your voice matters, and your participation will help shape the future of education in our community. Let’s dive into the details together!

RSVP today!

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