Take Action

Use this page as a resource to know how you can take action for students in Fresno. Click any of the links to get you started. 


The following are examples of activities the teams will participate in. However, you do not have to be part of a team to engage in any of these activities:

Host a House Party: volunteer to host a conversation with 15-20 of your fellow Fresnans about how our schools are doing and where we go from here! (2-3 hrs)

Meet with your School Board Member: One of the most powerful ways to have your voice heard is to schedule a personal meeting with your school board member. The GO Fresno team can help you prepare on an issue that matters to you to discuss with your board member. (2-5 hrs.)

Speak at a board meeting: Attend a school board meeting and speak on an issue that matters to you. The GO Fresno team can help you prepare to go in front of the board and speak with a concise clear message using data to be able to use the two minutes given to speak wisely. (3-4 hrs.)

Special events: Plan, organize, and implement successful campaign events by working on event committees, helping out on the event day, and/or participating in the event. (3-4 hrs.)

Office Volunteer: Office Volunteers assist GO Fresno staff with bulk mailings, thank you notes, data entry and general office tasks. Time Commitment: Flexible hours, Monday-Friday between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  (1-8 hrs.)

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