Supporting Fresno's English Learners

As parents and caregivers we share the same wishes as every other parent and caregiver in Fresno — to see our children grow up to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives filled with opportunities greater than those we knew growing up. 

As the parents and caregivers of English Learners, we carry an additional wish — to see our children achieve proficiency in the English language before they leave Fresno’s public schools. 

Reclassification, as this process is formally named, is a significant milestone on the pathway to opportunity for English Learners. It is also a critical step to be able to access and succeed in coursework needed to meet admissions criteria for universities in California. 

We can tell you firsthand, however, that reclassification does not happen overnight and does not happen without a functioning partnership between the students, parents, and educators involved.

In Fresno...

If English Learners have not reclassified by the time they leave elementary school, there is only a 50% chance that they will ever get reclassified while in Fresno public schools.

While Fresno public schools reclassify students in grades 2, 3, and 4 at a faster rate than the state of California, the data shows that more than a quarter of English Learners do not reclassify before leaving Fresno high schools.

We hope to help more families, educators, and community members and organizations understand our urgency behind reclassification and improving outcomes for Fresno’s English Learners.

We thank you for your interest, your support, and your partnership. If you have any
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