Why I GO
"I want to empower teachers to push the envelope and to create new ways of reaching more students - every day."
Rachel Kuhtz

Rachel Kuhtz

Manager of Educator Leadership, Interim Team Lead

Why public education?

I am a product of public education and both of my parents worked in public education. I was a student who was told I should choose a vocational school and was not pushed by the system to challenge what they believed I was capable of. I am a lucky that I had the family support that knew that I could do more than my school thought I could.

How I GO

Rachel was raised in the Fresno area and while reluctant to move “home” more than 20 years ago she discovered the beauty that Fresno has to offer her and her family and has fallen in love with the work that people in Fresno are doing to make lasting change for the people who live there. Her career highlights include high school social science teacher, insurance agent, and stay-at-home mom. Most recently, Rachel has worked as a classroom teacher at the Center for Advanced Research and Technology (CART) in the Business Finance lab where she taught social science curriculum with an economic and business twist.

Rachel is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa and National University. She is also a member and past president of the Junior League of Fresno and a GO Fresno Educator Fellow.

What are your vices?

My favorite thing about travel is eating.

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