Why I GO
I am a passionate educator and want to improve the lives of our students everyday. I will always put KIDS First!
Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones

Leadership Council

I grew up attending Fresno Unified schools, have been an educator in the district for 10 years, and now my own children attend Fresno Unified schools. My personal drive to improve the educational path for the children in our city, is that I passionately believe and will advocate for all students to receive the education that I expect my own children to have.

I have worked in several capacities as an educator: as a substitute teacher, certificated tutor, classroom teacher, teacher on special assignment, and now as a Vice Principal. As a teacher my passion was driven by the success of the 30 students in my classroom. As an administrator my role will now be to ensure that the students at my school receive the best possible instruction on a daily basis to ensure their academic success.


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