Why I GO
"I grew up in one of the most economically depressed communities in Texas. As a teenager, I lived in a community plagued by poverty, gang violence, drug abuse and hopelessness; many of the other young Latino men in my neighborhood (and even some members of my own family) fell victim to the streets. I have devoted my entire life to overturning the systems of oppression that perpetuate this reality in our communities."
Mike Espinoza

Mike Espinoza

Executive Director

Why public education?

Over the course of my work in public life, I have come to believe that high quality public education is the single most impactful institution to help improve life chances for low income families. I believe that a high quality education can breach the barriers created by structural inequality.

How I GO

My lifelong vocation has been as a community and political organizer, devoting my days to helping create a more peaceful, humane and just world.  I started off my career as a high school teacher, but I’ve been working to further causes I believe in since leaving the classroom. More than that, though, I am a husband and father first. 

What are your vices?

My guilty pleasures are sci-fi novels, movies and tv shows. I love Star Wars!

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