Why I GO
"I fiercely believe that all young people, no matter what the circumstances of their parents may be or what zip code they live in, should have access to the highest quality educational and skill-building experiences at their neighborhood school."
MaryJane Skjellerup

MaryJane Skjellerup

Leadership Council

Why public education?

I have had the honor and privilege to work in partnership with bright, dedicated and courageous young people. I have witnessed one too many talented youth leaders graduate high school with strong “grades,” only to struggle in college and ultimately drop out, underprepared and humiliated. I choose to build knowledge and power for young people and their families to ensure access to a high quality education for all students.

How I GO:

My 15 years in youth development and education policy have taught me that young people and educators already have the critical insights necessary to be leaders in transforming our education systems.  GO creates leadership opportunities to turn those insights into powerful action.  I’m excited to bring Fresno’s young leaders, their families and educators together to accelerate change in our city’s public schools.

What are your vices?

One of my vices is food, especially cheeseburgers and tacos! I am convinced tacos are one of the most perfect foods and I love both the classics and trendy fusions.


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