Who We Are // Our Policy Framework

Over the past year, GO Public Schools Fresno has engaged in over 150 conversations with local educators and community members, in order to better understand the perceptions and concerns related to the academic and future career success of all Fresno Unified students.

We believe in public education.  We see the world around us changing.  The structure and purpose of schools need to adapt to ensure our young people will meet the challenges of tomorrow and fulfill their potential.

To ensure we are driving towards these changes, GO Fresno will work towards systems change in the follow three areas:

Effective Educators

Every student has access to highly effective teachers; more, our highest need students have equitable access to our most highly effective teachers.

Quality Schools

Every student in every neighborhood has public school options that prepare them to fully participate and succeed in life and work in the 21st century.

Equitable Systems

Systems and structures empower the entire education community to act in the best interests of children, disrupt and address inequities based on race, language, and class, and ensure efficient, effective supports for schools and families.

Guided by our Leadership Council, we work within this policy framework to identify, prioritize, and influence the highest leverage changes in Fresno Unified education policies, practices, structures, and culture — all in the best interest of Fresno students.
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