Joanna Kendrick,

GO Fresno’s
Executive Director

Why I GO

“I GO because I know the key to a child’s success in school depends on the engagement of their family. We, as advocates and changemakers, need to journey alongside families in this work. At GO, I work to bring equity of voice to families, amplify their stories and perspectives, engage with leaders, hold schools accountable, and lead. I GO because every family deserves to be seen, and every child deserves the best we have to offer.”

Get to know Joanna

When I think of the Central Valley I think of the heart and hope that families have for their children. Our families are growers, builders, entrepreneurs, and trailblazers who made the Central Valley home because of the promise of a better future. As a result, we have a legacy of determination and perseverance unlike any other region in California. After being overlooked and often taken advantage of, our communities are recognizing the power and influence they can and should wield. The future of California will be built in the Central Valley, and our children need to be prepared to lead.

Today, I am an advocate for public education because it brings us together and builds up our community. Our schools have the power to inspire and motivate children to live a life with purpose and share their talents with the world. The magic of free, public education is that we can provide every child with this experience and prepare them, not just to be successful academically but to live a healthy, purpose-filled life.

As GO Fresno’s Executive Director, you can trust that I will make it safe for everyone to speak up and share their story. We need diverse voices in public education, and I will listen with an open heart to our families, children, school/district leaders, and teachers to bring us together to advance public education in our region. Progress cannot wait, and we need to work together to create lasting and systemic change. I will build solid relationships and bridge the gap between families and leaders. I will be relentless in pursuing access to excellent education for every family by creating new pathways for communication and collaboration. Our children need us united in the pursuit of their future. We can do this together.

I am reaching out with an exciting update. Earlier this year we started our search for GO Fresno’s next Executive Director, and I am thrilled to share that I have selected Central Valley native, Joanna Kendrick, to lead GO Fresno’s incredible team. Meet Joanna Kendrick, GO …

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