Exclusionary Discipline

As we have partnered with lcoal families, we’ve heard many stories about how discipline practices in Fresno’s schools have affected their children. GO Fresno is committed to every child in Fresno graduating prepared to succeed, and for that to happen, every child regardless of race, ability, or income, needs equal access to classroom time. 

Research has shown that there is a direct correlation between a student’s tie in the classroom and their acheivement levels. In the 2017/18 school year, California suspended 381,000 students, and those students lost 763,000 days of instruction time.

In Fresno...

Fresno Unified suspends more individual students and hands down more suspension overall than any other district in the state, including Los Angeles Unified, which has more than eight times as many students as FUSD.

Suspension data in FUSD reflects persisting racial disparities: far more African-American students and students with disabilities are suspended more than any other student groups.

Number of students suspended at least once in FUSD in 2018:

African American
Student with Disabilities

Every one day of instructional time lost for Fresno’s most vulnerable students is too many. We invite you to learn with us as collaborate with the community to develop solution to exclusionary discipline issues in Fresno Unified. 

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