Choosing Our Future – FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is GO Public Schools Fresno?

  • GO Public Schools Fresno is committed to building and supporting a citywide coalition whose members – parents, students, educators, and community allies – work together to expand access to quality education in Fresno’s most historically underserved neighborhoods.
  • We are locally run with an amazing staff of Central Valley natives and an amazing Local Leadership Council of young leaders who are passionate about helping ensure every child can thrive.
  • We have been organizing families, educators and community allies and working toward policy solutions in Fresno since summer 2017.
  • GO Fresno is a non-profit that is part of a statewide coalition (GO Public Schools) of locally-run and locally-led organizations.

Where did this campaign come from?

  • Choosing Our Future was originally authored in 2005, and with that, we did see Fresno Unified make improvements around financial health and operations, along with gains in graduation and A-G course completion rates. But current data is showing that our too many of our students, especially our most historically underserved students, are still underperforming in core academic areas like Math and English. And, our graduating students are not necessarily leaving our schools ready for college and career. This has to change.
  • We view Choosing Our Future in 2018 as a opportunity to take a fresh look at where we stand today, and make a renewed commitment to improve and transform our city’s public schools. Our students are up against a rapidly changing world and job market, and every passing school day that fails to prepare them for success in the 21st century, is a lost one.

What are you proposing?

Our path forward is built on a set of 3 policy recommendations:

  1. 21st century Success: We need to redefine success as it relates to the 21st century, and commit to every child graduating prepared to succeed.
  2. Individualized Student Plans: We want to empower both students and educators with individualized data to ensure every child is making adequate annual progress toward graduating prepared to succeed. Our end goal is the same for all of our students–we want each student to thrive in school and in life after graduation. We also recognize that each student is a unique learner, and we need to meet every child where they are on their own learning trajectories.
  3. Innovation Zone: Create an Innovation Zone to design and support transformational school models.

How have you been engaging your fellow Fresnans?

Choosing Our Future is truly the work of the community–educators, parents, school and city leaders, allies, and students. To craft these policy recommendations, we:

  • Held over 30 house parties in each of the seven high school regions
  • Had more than 100 1:1 conversations with community members and leaders
  • Engaged our 53 Family Leader Fellows and 19 Educator Transformer Fellows, both groups representing over 34 schools and 13 schools, respectively
  • Hosted 4 public events with over 200 attendees
  • Collected feedback from over 500 of our fellow Fresnans

What can I do to get involved?

  • We need your support! We first ask that you sign on to Choosing Our Future and share our petition widely with your networks.
  • There are several ways for community members to get involved with GO Public Schools Fresno and Choosing Our Future. Visit Take Action Now to learn about more these opportunities.
  • If you have any questions or ideas, please reach out: fresno[at]gopublicschools[dot]org. We’d love to hear from you!
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